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Boosting the Sun in the cities!
Most city-dwellers don't have a roof to install solar panels. Even if they could, they find that energy availability, technical skills or affordability would be challenging.
Our transactive energy platform allows any inhabitant or organisation to produce and to consume his own solar energy when and where needed without having to finance, install or operate solar installations.
Sphebotics deploys and operates highly efficient solar plants in urban areas like rooftops or carports. These installations are connected to our partners' networks (like charging points, grids, energy storage, etc.) and they are made available under flexible and affordable leasing agreements panel by panel.
Anyone can lease one or more solar panels and start using his/her own solar energy. In the Nordic country for instance, we can offer a 70€ annual lease for a single panel. This means that for 70€ we can provide enough energy to drive 5000km with an EV.

Part of
Startupnight 2018