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RUBYnanomed is a recently founded startup devoting its activities to non-invasive progression monitoring of cancer. RUBYnanomed has developed and can manufacture the RUBYchip, a microfluidic device for isolating all types of CTCs (epithelial and mesenchymal). This device has demonstrated the ability to isolate a higher number of CTCs comparing with the reference CellSearch® equipment and the potential to provide improved correlation with clinical prognostic information. During 2016 and 2017 this innovation project started its path participating in several innovation and technology transfer programs at European and national level. In 2017, RUBYnanomed received the first prize of the innovation contest StartupNano and, as a result was accelerated in Startup Braga and has participated in a USA roadshow for a first investment round in April 2018. RUBYnanomed also received support by the RESOLVE to achieve further pre-clinical validation of the technology. Currently, mentorship is obtained through the Nanomedicine Translation Advisory Board program (nanomedTAB).

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