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Prozeo UG

Construction Managers use email, Whatsapp, even letters and fax to communicate with their partners in a project. The different communicaton mediums lack traceability for information and workflow, leading to miscommunication, frustration, delays and higher costs. To solve this, Prozeo offers “ComBind”, a B2B-SaaS-Collaboration-Plattform for architects, project developers and general contractors to manage all of their projects in one tool! A project in ComBind is flexibly and hierarchibly structurable and highly standardized to fit all customers process needs and reduce the adaption effort to a minimum. In comparison to the other project based solutions offert by the market, ComBind users pay for a working environment, where they can initiate as many projects as they want, allowing them to use chat functions, formal messages, a document/plan management system, task and permission management in every project and on every level!

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