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Project "INHUBBER"

INHUBBER is a young start-up based in Berlin, developing a cost-efficient contract lifecycle management. Our innovation consists in a business-process-oriented approach of contract creation. Embedding of formal business processes description directly into the body of contract makes it self-executable. It enables contracts to observe the real process state and to implement the contract conditions. As a result, we boost trackability of the contract state and compliance of in-house and outer processes. The new approach is accomplished by putting business process owners in charge of modeling and managing contracts, using their business process perspective. Other stakeholders from each contract party can be involved in the creation, negotiation and controlling. Using blockchain we apply single source of truth and identity assurance principles to the contract world. Using AI, we enable contracts to be consistent, executable and connected to IoT.

Short introduction of Project "INHUBBER"

Part of
Startupnight 2018