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OH MY DOUGH! Your favorite childhood temptation is finally safe to eat, so you can enjoy it straight from the cup. Our cookie dough is completely egg-free and produced with heat-treated flour. All ingredients come from sustainable sources. OH MY DOUGH brings cookie dough straight to the shelf of your local supermarket. Our tasty ready-to-eat cookie dough comes in three different flavors. You’re more into classic options? Try our all-time favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! If you agree that adding an extra helping of crunchy chocolate chips and roasted hazelnuts to a chocolate dough is a great idea, go for our Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough. It’s so good, you’ll always find an excuse to finish the jar right away. Choose Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie Dough if you love the contrast of sweet and sour as much as we do!

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