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Morph Green Tech

Start-up focused on mobile, scalable and modular solar charging. The Solar-Cube is an origami-inspired charging system and power bank.

Morph Green Tech addresses issues of Off-Grid Energy Access & Storage, Mobility, Size vs. Efficiency for small-scale solar power generation. Emphasizing on energy decentralization and personalization, the Solar-Cube is unique in its design, efficiency and aesthetics. Perfectly suited to the energy demands of an individual, a rural household and as a quick response energy system for disaster and crisis management. With multiple applications, we bring solar energy to anyone who may need it, irrespective of the geographic location. While being an environmentally conscious business, Morph Green Tech strongly focuses on social responsibility and awareness. The founding team is well placed at the intersection of research and product development with multiple collaborations with universities and international institutes. We take the technologies of today and further develop it to suit the demands of tomorrow.

Germany, Berlin

Part of
Startupnight 2020
Startupnight 2017