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linx4 makes manufacturing data available for everyone! With it’s simple plug & use approach, machines can easily be digitalized. NO investment costs, NO complex implementation, but immediate real-time manufacturing data. We help the management to improve their production with a SaaS based solution. AND we open up the market for new players with a global manufacturing data platform.
Changing the manufacturing market with 3 steps: 
Entering the market: With our global distribution partners, we place our linx4 solution directly at the source of production data. The implemented Blockchain technology only needs to be activated. 
Disrupting the market: Data security is the #1 issue of data sharing – The linx4 Blockchain ensures that the right data is securely shared with the right people, inside and outside of the company. 
Changing the global market: Via the linx4 Blockchain technology completely new use cases arise, giving new players access to the market (Banks, Insurances, etc.)

Part of
Startupnight 2018