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lawpilots GmbH

lawpilots offers innovative and practical online trainings around the legal issues of digitization. The motto of lawpilots "Law. Simple. Understood." is a central promise to all customers. lawpilots works in close cooperation with the renowned legal and IT experts from the Schürmann Rosenthal Dreyer law firm and ISiCO data protection consultancy. The advantages of lawpilots are: 
- No long-term commitments, no installation of software 
- Our digital learning anchors a sustainable awareness of data protection and IT security among your employees 
- Relevant examples and recommandations from practical experience of our renowned partners SRD law firm and ISiCO data protection consultants 
- The participants receive certificates for the courses which meets all requirements of the GDPR 
- And the clue ist: Online trainings that are fun!

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