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Food by Friends GmbH

Food by Friends, based in Bonn was founded by Jannick Borschel and Mark Twiehoff in 2017. We want to supply the companies and their employees with fresh and healthy food at the workplace directly. For reaching this aim we developed an intelligent fridge on RFID base which sells the products in an autonomous way.

Our fridge recognizes all removed products. The process will be this way: One person registers oneself, then the door opens, the person takes off the product and closes the door. Buying is over within a few moments. The whole process does not need more than a few seconds. We balance the account with the employee monthly one time. We produce our fresh dishes every night by ourselves. More than 100 dishes are available -salads, wraps, hot food, snacks, cups).

We deliver our food with our own cars in your company. Every week, you’ll get new options. Food by Friends rethinks the office canteen in a new modern way.

Part of
Startupnight 2018