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fino run GmbH

fino's belief is to make the handling of one’s financial affairs easier and more comprehensible. Therefore fino, theFinTech from Kassel, Germany, processes financial data in a smart way to unterstand the life of a person through its bank account data. In 2015 fino successfully established the first intelligent and fully automatic account switch service at more than 300 clients.

fino combines data science with financial knowledge to build products, that constantly give smart suggestions from fino’s “world of recommendations”. Since endcustomers as well as small businesses may be insecure in terms of fincances. Therefore finos latest product, FINUX, offers a broad overview of one's business in terms of financial context, by combining all relevant data from financial accounting, bank account and external as well as independent sources. With FINUX SME CEOs say goodbye to manual Excel-sheets, complex BI-Tools, operative accounting systems and isolated bank accounts.

Eye to eye with ist clients and partners, fino develops individual, white-label-products, which simplify financial issues.

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Startupnight 2018