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Emqopter GmbH

We are a JMU Wuerzburg spin-off from the chair of aerial computer science. Our core competency is embedding software and hardware on autonomous unmanned aerial systems . Our last development is the Delivery Drone. It is the first and by now only UAS, which is approvable for completly autonomous flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle in urban not regulated air space in Germany. For higher safty and flexibility we invented an intelligent landing space detection system, which allows us to fly close and land on every free and safe landing spot autonomously. Now we search for series A funding to bring the Delivery Drone to market. We already brought three further products to market: the "Quadrotor Control System" (QCS), a teaching and research system for computer science, robotics, embedded engineering, a.s., the "Collision Avoidance Assistance" (CAA), a plug-n-play sensor modul for multicopters of all fabricators and the "Quanipulator" (QNP), a quadrocopter with an mechanic gripper arm.

Part of
Startupnight 2018