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Guiding New Mobility - the era of new, electric mobility has already begun, now EV-drivers demand for intelligent solutions and apps that answer their daily questions when driving electric: Where can I charge, is the charger free, what will it cost, what can I do while charging,… 
CIRRANTiC - a startup based in Munich started 4 years ago in order to deliver answers - and not raw data - for EV-drivers. 
With our solutions like <>, <>, <> and cooperations with premium car manufacturers like AUDI and Porsche and leading map providers like Apple Inc. we everyday guide and assist EV-drivers. Up to 140.000 chargepoints are available for every EV-driver worldwide. 
CIRRANTiC creates innovations like Prognosis, Tariff comparison, location partner integration (cafés, hotels, restaurants, shopping, sports,…) and realtime dynamic car manufacturer interfaces.

Part of
Startupnight 2018