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Bilendo – modern Credit Management. Risk Different.

Bilendo is the modern credit management platform, where companies can centrally map, control and automate all credit risk minimization processes. With overall decreasing profit margins, companies experience difficulties in reducing costs with existing legacy systems and outdated processes. Credit risks cause especially unpredictable and high costs. We recognize the importance of flexible and efficient debtor processes for business success. Therefore, as a centralized SaaS platform, Bilendo enables tasks in the invoice-to-cash process to be handled down to an individualized basis. With this innovation, companies can securely lower costs, reduce their overall credit risks and focus on business growth.

Bilendo GmbH was founded in 2015 by Markus Haggenmiller, Jakob Beyer and Florian Kappert in Munich. Together with their international team, their mission is to make credit management easily accessible for all companies using one single platform.

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