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XignSys GmbH

XignSys GmbH provides a smartphone-based authentication and mobile digital signature solution that is fast, easy to use and secure. The aim is to revolutionize the way everybody uses its own personal identity by redefining authentication. No matter if in the physical or digital world, there is just one account!

What is the problem you are solving?
Today digital services are the foundation of our daily life. Every user has to authenticate oneself several times a day, by up to 170 different accounts. The problem is that most authentication systems rely on passwords and overwhelm the user, are not interoperable and only work in the digital or real world. That is uncomfortable and unsecure. Identity theft leads to billions of costs per year for companies and organisations. Users get in trouble due to the loss of their privacy.
The problem providing trustworthy digital identities becomes even bigger with the rollout of more and more IoT products, the concept of smart cities and the Megatrend digitalization. Until now, there is no solution that provides trust and usability at the same time and is flexible enough to be used in everyday life, for authentication, transactions and documents signing.

What is unique about your solution?
With XignQR we are offering the first solution that provides trust and usability and the same time, with different levels of trust and security, for authentication, transactions and digital signatures. It is usable in different use cases in the real and digital world, by using entry points for authentication and digital signatures, like QR Codes, NFC, Tags, GPS Information, …. XignQR substitutes the factor human as weakest link in chain, by using the smartphone-sensors for authentication and fraud detection and chaining one to several factors – knowledge, biometry and possession – on demand and substituting passwords completely. Further more we have a multi-factor personalization process, which enables a worldwide secure rollout without shipping hardware tokens.
The massive security infrastructure in the background prevents the scalability of attacks and enables the interaction with existing systems and infrastructures, without the need of major changes. 

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