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The XapiX platform is a data bridge between enterprises, offering data APIs, and developers, using this data to innovate new business models and apps with undiscovered sales channels for our companies

What is the problem you are solving?
Entering the age of open data, more and more developers are willing to integrate corporate data into their apps. This data is usually accessed over interfaces, called APIs. Unfortunately, the data is mostly offered in different and outdated formats across different providers. This makes the integration process very difficult, inconsistent and time-consuming for the developer. As a result, developers often need days to read lengthy documentations or need additional support.

On the other hand, the enterprises offering this data often rely on old, legacy IT systems. Their unadapted infrastructure makes it difficult to exchange and market their valuable data to partners and customers. They risk losing market share and miss out the revenue opportunity of new businesses using API data.

What is unique about your solution?
We build a bridge between the enterprises and the developers to solve the problems of both sides on our platform.
Our unique data transformation algorithm first transforms all of the different APIs into one single, consistent format that is easy to access for developers. Using this uniform format, developers can even recombine multiple data points into a single access point in our cloud. Our self-service workbench offers everything, developers need, in one place.
All of this makes it easier than ever for developers to integrate corporate APIs, which on the other hand offers enterprises a unique opportunity to build an ecosystem of applications around their data. Accessing this new revenue stream offers a competitive edge and empowers new innovation.


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