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WUNDER is developing cognitive Artificial Intelligence to assist Consumers make finding and choosing Products easier.

What is the problem you are solving?
With so much to choose from, finding the right Product is time consuming and difficult. We know shoppers deserve better. In the attention economy, the future of shopping is technology acting as customer‘s trusted companion to turn Attention into Moments of Intent. We are developing cognitive Artificial Intelligence to build DEEP SHOPPING BOTS that read Customers minds to get them the products they love. Consumers benefit from getting narrowed-down product sets truly fitting their personal needs and experience less information and choice overload in a shopping world of ever growing online offers.

What is unique about your solution?
The capabilities of our Deep Shopping bots are to get spontaneous precision on understanding the customer first - and then to qualify purchase intent from customer’s deep mind and values. Our bots are built upon AI’s Sense-Infer-Act paradigm capturing the real-time context and leaving predictions behind. Sensing is implemented by interactive personality quizzes, preference games and semantic search – a joyful customer playground with deep mind sensors underneath. Inference is done by mind machines stating customer’s preferences, activities, styles and emotions (with emotions being consumer’s natural born value system). Inferred data leads to customer’s personality or ‘second self’ that can be accessed and managed by the customer. Acting is done by a psychographic matching of customer’s personality with cognified product data and metadata (ProductGraph) over a range of matching and learning strategies.