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whispeer - mindpost GmbH

We develop whispeer – an end-to-end encrypted communication tool for private and business use. It is available and usable from all devices.

What is the problem you are solving?
User of social networks are living with the risk of provider abusing the user's privacy. User are not paying with money, but are instead paying with their personal data. Despite the fear of industrial spying and theft of data, companies do need to communicate somehow. We provide an end-to-end encrypted communication tool that is secure and easy to use.

What is unique about your solution?
On one side, there are messenger apps and social networks on the market. On the other side there are encryption technologies. Our service unifies both these advantages. As a fully end-to-end encrypted social network whispeer is easy to use with high respect to data security. Both private and business customers can benefit from our solution. Whispeer comes without advertisement. It is not necessary to analyse our customers data to optimize the impact of ads.
Our customers do not need to put their trust in us, because it is technically not possible for us to use their private data. Instead they can truly trust in our technological solution and its provable high security level.

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