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The first toolkit which lets you build a DIY IoT solution in minutes.

What is the problem you are solving?
There are a lot of smart home solutions on the market and they all solve specific problems. But what if you have a special use case? Does this always mean you have to build your own solution?

In recent years, DIY solutions became very popular. The reason for that is because it give your the freedom to decide in which way your solution works and where you store your personal data. The downside is that you need a lot of time and knowledge. With the Supplets, we create a toolkit which quickly lets you build custom smart solutions without the need of special hardware or software knowledge.

What is unique about your solution?
Supplets offers multiple sensors and actuators that are freely combinable. With the intuitive app, the user creates "rules" that control the flow between triggers to actions. Additionally, Supplets are the first smart solution which does not need a cloud. Personal data and logics will completely be stored on the modules itself. The user decides how the product works and creates his own logics with his smartphone or tablet. The only restriction is your creativity!

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