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store2be is an online marketplace for booking live communications, thus enhancing the offline marketing performance of a brand; additionally offering a unique way of measuring a campaign's success efficiently with the in-house Event Analytics data analysis system.

What is the problem you are solving?
We bring together two parties that have disassociated themselves from one another by marketing: brands and the consumer. Nowadays, advertising is regularly perceived as disturbing, annoying or too pushy leading to inefficient marketing efforts from companies and the tendency of customers to categorically ignore them (think of AdBlocker or Second Screen behaviour). 
With the help of live marketing we intend to reconnect the two parties by making marketing an event and memorable experience for the customer in special or familiar locations such as shopping malls, retail stores, movie theatres, festivals, cinemas, and many more. Thus, brand awareness is generated and positive associations are made leading to a reinforced desire to buy displayed products on-site and in the future. We offer an online marketplace for easy and trouble-free booking with further products to support brands / companies and space owners alike.

What is unique about your solution?
Apart from our core product - the SaaS enabled online marketplace for available locations - two additional store2be products are available to best meet the needs of our two target groups: potential tenants (i.e. brands and companies in both the B2B or B2C sector) and space owners (such as shopping centre managers). The latter is offered our Space Manager: a software solution tool that enables them to easily manage and administrate their spaces incl. taking over all bureaucratic efforts such as uploading rental contracts. 
Our second solution addresses the dilemma of offline marketing lagging behind online analytics and measurement efforts. We seeked to provide remedy in inventing our Event Analytics technology. We're the first in the market to ever make live marketing measurable. Our technique anonymously collects probe requests from smartphones passing a booth thus showing reach, numbers of contacts / interactions and further valuable metrics.

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