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ShiftJuggler by SSH Online Services UG

A revolutionary change in how enterprises and employees work together by making the scheduling more effective, efficient and flexible, avoiding planning mistakes and helping to create motivated and happy employees.

What is the problem you are solving?
Traditional staff scheduling in businesses is centered around a planner, someone who needs to understand the legal issues, take into account a lot of business-related information from a variety of sources, and respect and work around the absences and other wishes of employees delivered via a number of different channels. This is a complex and often tedious task that is time-intensive and error-prone. ShiftJuggler integrates all these aspects of scheduling into a cloud-based application, leading to faster planning, more flexible working time models, less errors and more motivated employees.

What is unique about your solution?
Shiftjuggler combines ease-of-use with the ability to support complex planning scenarios, full customization by the user and support for small and large company structures in any industry. The real magic happens with the automated planning functions, based on genetic algorithms that can generate schedules in minutes rather than hours.


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