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We build machines in house which produce helium filled foam for marketing purposes in order to draw attention of people walking by - we create signs, words or even logos that rise up in the air and stay there for 40 minutes or more.

What is the problem you are solving?

The oversaturation in media and marketing. Up to 12.000 advertising messages buzz on each of us every day. You won't convince someone to slow down just because of the clickering wheel of fortune or because of some colorful ballons. With our technology you can catch everyone and gain a surprised smile - guaranteed. People see the rising foam and want to know what it is about. Then it is our client's job to turn them into customers or just to promote their brand.


What is unique about your solution?

Do me a favor and step into the shoes of a marketing manager for 2 minutes. You are about to make up your mind of your next marketing campaign.

You want to stand out: Schaumwolke - there is no better way to draw attention.
You want to be sustainable: Schaumwolke is a 100% enviromently friendy product. Children can even eat our foam (even though it is not tasty)
You want to go viral: Look at our events. Thousands of photos and videos are taken and shared on Social media.
You want to be mobile: Schaumwolke works without power, we can release our clouds everywhere, on the beach, in the shopping mall... where else?

There are 956 more arguments why we are special, but I have just a few words left.

We are the only approved Ambush Marketing tool on the market. I explain more next time....if you let me...

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