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Scedule is a Personal Assistant. AI-powered. Enterprise-ready. It revolutionizes Calendar Management - it automates how people and services get together.

What is the problem you are solving?
The productivity of knowledge workers (150 million in North America and Western Europe) highly depends on connecting them and empowering an efficient collaboration. Managing this still requires this annoying manual effort: A meaningful time-slot to meet has to be arranged via e-mail or phone. Booking a meeting room, informing reception about external guests, ordering catering or planning travels are daily time-consuming routines.
All this organization is done with numerous incompatible tools, separated from the actual scheduling process. It is a laborious back and forth for the user and an expensive inefficiency for corporations. At total it is a daily gain in productivity of 7.5 billion dollars.

What is unique about your solution?
Scedule takes care of scheduling meaningful time-slots. Independent from the calendars used and across the known boundaries: Inviting external contacts and reflecting their availability - even if they are not using Scedule - is not only possible, but easy to achieve.
Furthermore Scedule organizes your meetings. It automatically books a meeting room or catering, informs your visitor management or tasks your travel agency. Again taking into account the occasion and the user's surrounding plans.
And just like a good personal assistant, it ensures all your privacy and data security demands are covered. Without sharing your calendar it simply drives your workday productivity.

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