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SafeToNet safeguards children on social media and messaging apps from cyber-bullying, sexting, abuse and inappropriate content using AI to block harmful messages in real time before they are seen and before the damage is done, no one else is doing that.

What is the problem you are solving?
Social networks thrive on freedom of speech. The consequence is the right to offend and be offended. This has led to cyberbullying, trolling, online abuse and aggression, sexting, grooming and other predatory risks.
One in 4 teenagers has been the victim of cyberbullying. Statistically, 83 million users on Facebook are not who they say they. 19% of children that sext, send photos to people they have never physically met. Trolling is a modern-day curse. One in six 12 year boys think that Twitter exists to abuse others on line. Why haven’t the social networks done anything about it?
Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat can't (or won't) stop online abuse as it restricts the 'freedom' of their users. SafeToNet solves the problem for social networks by giving their users (and notably parents) the independent choice of blocking & stopping abuse by providing a safeguarding tool that seamlessly wraps around their online worlds.

What is unique about your solution?
SafeToNet is using AI, Natural Language Processing, and big data analytics to contextualise content to determine "sentiment". It can tell the difference between banter and aggression. The software is able to detect harmful messages/images/streaming and block this before it is seen by the child - no other parental control solution does this. Crucially it does not show the blocked content to the parent but simply advises to a level of statistical accuracy that a message has been blocked. It also advises the parent on potential ways to deal with the situation. SafeToNet also allows parents to remotely manage their child's device, offering sophisticated app blocking and time blocking e.g. at night or meal times. It works identically on iOS and Android but eventually will be available on all platforms. It is extremely simple to download and operate.

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