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Radio Gigabit

Provider of next-generation innovative millimeter-wave fixed wireless access systems for residential and SMEs.

*hat is the problem you are solving?
Homes and SME will require a new level of Internet connectivity in the next 2-3 years to meet the demands of emerging applications like UHD video, VR and others. It is estimated that the throughput of 0.5-1 Gbps is to be required for each home or SME. Optical or wireless solutions are possible. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) offers a number of benefits over wireline (optical) access: lower cost and time of rollout, lower OPEX costs and others. Most of the FWA benefits are associated with the last mile, i.e. the portion of the network that reaches the user premises. The project is focused on developing a millimeter-wave FWA for these new requirements.

What is unique about your solution?
Unique technologies for high-gain millimeter-wave beam steerable antennas and mesh wireless networking with high-gain steerable antennas

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