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We are inspiring everyone to discover their next sporting challenge. Based around simplified search, people can discover local finishline events such as runs, triathlons, OCR events etc. Racemappr connects event organisers and the race community to centralise engagement and build a relevant community in one platform.

What is the problem you are solving?
1) Event search tools on the market do not provide a modern experience and frequently provide incorrect data. We provide direct access to organisers to ensure that they manage the information and accounts.
2) Most events and websites are organised by small clubs and volunteers with limited technical capabilities - so we provide simple, modern tools to centralise event listings and that anyone in their teams can update.
3) Event registrations are complicated and split across different third party providers. We are centralising event registration into one tool that will enable one click registration to any sports event in the world.
4) Most clubs don't sell out tickets but can't afford to market themselves. We are using community based marketing for them to directly engage and active audience and rely on their clubs and community to boost marketing directly. 

What is unique about your solution?
1) No other platform focuses on a notification model. We are building a tool that inspires and actively presents you with events based on your likes, friends, club and offers.
2) We are centralising event marketing content and associating it with each sporting event, helping event marketeers and the community to engage more in the race community. 
3) We are integrating all relevant processes within someones racing journey into a central experience, from training, information / advice, racing and content sharing. 
4) We are a facilitator for all stakeholders. We don't control the content, we allows the community to organically share their own so that the community chooses for itself.

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