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Quemey GmbH

The first digital market research platform worldwide onboard of airplanes, that enables passengers to conduct surveys inflight and get rewarded immediately with e.g. free Wi-Fi, Snacks, frequent flyer miles.

What is the problem you are solving?
Every year 3,6 billion passengers travel from one place to another, without making any use of their most valuable asset: Time. Quemey solves this problem. 

  1. Passengers: spending lots of time during flight and are "captured"
  2. Airlines: No valuable digital touchpoint onboard of airplanes to strenghten customer relationship
  3. Market research: passengers onboard of airplanes are still not accessible on a digital way for market research companies (they are calling it a "blackbox" along the traveller journey in regards of reach for market research).

What is unique about your solution?
Worldwide first systematic approach to make 2,7 billion passengers accessible for airlines and/or third parties to conduct market research onboard, using a strong strategic partner network 

  1. Access & first mover advantage: Smart market entrance in corporation with Deutsche Telekom, using in-flight Wi-Fi HotSpots
  2. Strong Partner Network: Partnering with companies such as Deutsche Telekom AG, GfK SE, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Easy integration: Into existing Wi-Fi systems and, thus, reach to 1,5 million HotSpots worldwide"


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