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ProLeap is the world's first cloud platform for Legacy Modernization.

What is the problem you are solving?
Even today, 70 % of all business transactions run on COBOL, a programming language introduced in 1959. Especially banks and insurance companies rely on COBOL core systems. COBOL developers have become the highest paid programmers. These legacy systems lead to complex infrastructures and have caused many problems and breakdowns that made it into the press in the last months. A bank transaction that a consumer initiates on a smartphone can lead to several calls of COBOL programs. A study by Gartner points out that up to 75 % of IT budgets are spent on operating cost. IBM and Micro Focus earn billions of Dollars each year with this legacy hard- and software. Companies or public authorities that want to modernize their legacy software have to invest in expensive consulting companies with intransparent pricing and tools. ProLeap changes this.

What is unique about your solution?
We unbundle the access to automated transformation tools from consulting services and open our platform for businesses, public institutions ans specialized consultants. Thus we enable customers around the world to modernize their systems cheaper and easier than ever before. We even open-source our Parser (tool to read in legacy code) which has lead to a growing community of contributors that make our software better. The transformation solution is closed source and only accessible through our platform. We also apply deep neural networks to generate high quality code, a unique approach in the field of legacy modernization.

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