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POMP created the fuel station of tomorrow: mobile, clean and safe, it empowers our client to never have to go to fuel stations again and to have a modern refuelling experience by delivering fuel where they are.

What is the problem you are solving?
By offering a mobile compact refuelling service, POMP provides the missing innovation to vehicles refueling needs. Drivers do not need to go to fuel stations anymore now that the fuel station can come to them, enabling them to skip an often painful, time consuming, largely felt as bad experience: having to do detours, wait and refuel themselves in fuel stations.

What is unique about your solution?
POMP is in itself a unique concept, none of the actual classic fuel-stations offer the possibility to order a fuel delivery. Moreover, POMP created the mobile and compact fuel station: We developed our own and exclusive state of the art mobile storage and distribution technology with our industrial partners.

POMP is the only fully regulations compliant compact solution for distributing fuel to the public in a mobile setting ready to operate in 48 highly regulated countries who signed the ADR*.
This solution does not exist anywhere else, even existing US players cannot claim to have this level of compliance.

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