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Perfect Industry

Factory of the future ... Now

What is the problem you are solving?
European industry is not competitive enough to compete against low cost country. We need to strongly improve our competitiveness and boost the motivation of the workers to keep and to improve our facilities. 
The situation is even more critical for the Small and Medium Entreprise network which is the core of employment and local activity.
Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity to reclaim this performance gap and keep work and factories in our countries. 

What is unique about your solution?
Our vision of Industry 4.0 is a bridge between the new digital technologies and the best performance methodologies.
To improve from 10 to 30 % your OEE, you need to react fast in case of issues and to deploy the best lean tools for your facilities, 
Our solution is mixing Video Game technology (VR, Gamification, ...) and data management to help the production manager to monitor, analyse and build a comprehensive and performant lean improvement program. 
With the support of top french engineering schools and partners like Oracle, we are build the factory of the future ... now.

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