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Parametric Support

Artificial Intelligence at service of low-energy building for smart cities.

What is the problem you are solving?
To increase the revenue and minimize the risk, the industry is looking for the most accurate and precise solution. Data-driven expertise is on high demand. On the contrary to needs and pains of the market, nowadays solution are time consuming, laborious and are often based on intuition. Neither architects nor engineers could give investors and real estate developers mathematically validated, the best answer. In traditional approach the risk of failure and uncertainty that the return on investment is maximized is just too high.

What is unique about your solution?
We offer a complex approach to the industry problems. Our offer is based on three pillars automatized tools for most common problems, services for bespoke solutions and trainings to promote and educate the industry. Most of the popular tools used in the industry are based on out-dated, skeuomorphic technology that copies pre-digital processes and methods. While we, by employing technological solutions as machine learning or artificial intelligence, are proposing whole range of new possibilities.

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