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Pangea Electronics

We are developing a modular and ecosocial laptop Pangea Sun with easy changable parts which will be built in Africa for a fair IT Economy.

What is the problem you are solving?
1. Saving your money by changing and upgrading your Pangea Sun by only on part instead buying a new laptop
2. Saving your time by no looking after new laptops anymore. One Pangea Sun is built for a lifetime.
3. Save our enviroment by keeping the most parts of your Pangea Sun and only change/upgrade parts you need
4. Liberate the people in Africa from donations by producing the Pangea Sun in Africa and built up an fair IT economy

What is unique about your solution?
We changing the game of the laptop business. 
With our Pangea Sun you will never again have to search for new laptops or spend an fortune for a new one. 
You will get your Pangea Sun updatedautomatically by getting updates year by year for free. 
You will experience a new way to use your smartphone or beamer by combining with Pangea Sun.
Don't believe it? Check this out:

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