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openHandwerk as "Software as a Service" digitizes operational workflows in the craft business for small to midsized companies on the way to the paperless office.

What is the problem you are solving?
Digitization in craft companies is brandnew and a growing market. Most of the companies in that industry are oldschool and use paperbased orderbooks, offline time tracking and have no optimized processes. openHandwerk gives the backoffice a cloudbased frontend to control all the orders, the work in progress and workflow including docuemtation, time tracking, performance tracking and a high customer service level by automated communication with the clients.

What is unique about your solution?
1. Most of the software solutions are serverbased or you have to buy the software. So there are not so many software solutions cloudbased.
2. 95% of the software outside offers you CRM or offer/invoice solutions. openHandwerk goes furtheer and offers an optimised workflow and assists operative.
3. openHandwerk is based on a real case of a craft company and developed to optmise the workflow and relieve the office by demand.