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myProductLab by DimensionAlley

Turn your vision into a tangible concept using a team of local experts and skilled professionals for everything from ideation to product Launch.

What is the problem you are solving?
Making IoT devices more attractive and testable by developing and making physical objects around the tech. Shortening physical product development lifecycle through rapid prototyping. Most IoT companies are great and software and sensors but have little experience creating functional and attractive physical product around them. It is often hard to find the right partners locally who can sit around the table together to turn and IoT/Wearable into an end user testable product. We create the team and bring them to the techies.

What is unique about your solution?
We use 3D printing and we know how to design for success in 3DP. We know what are the right technologies and design rule. We create the product that fits then tech and this is missing from many IoT/wearables.
We are creating a platform and network of local experts that work on the whole project development cycle, so our customers can concentrate on what they do best.

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