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Morph Green Tech

Morph is a green tech start-up with a focus on integrated mobile energy systems. The Solar-Cube is a robust, compact, scalable solar charger and power-bank! It's Origami inspired, uses PV integrated solar-textiles and organic solar cells to deliver the power of the sun to the palm of your Hands!

What is the problem you are solving?
Morph Green Tech addresses innate issues of Off-Grid Energy Access & Storage, Mobility, Size vs. Efficiency for small-scale solar power generation. Emphasizing on energy decentralization and personalization, the Solar-Cube is perfectly suited to the energy demands of - an individual, a rural household and as a quick response energy system for disaster and crisis management. While being an environmentally conscious business, Morph Green Tech strongly focuses on social responsibility and awareness.

What is unique about your solution?
Seamless integration of solar cells into outdoor textiles. Research and development for the materials of the future. Innovative size vs. efficiency management using Origami techniques. Fully scalable for higher energy demands. Compact, folds to 1/8th of its open size. Lightweight < 1000 grams. Uses State of the Art Organic solar cells for Robustness. Wide ranging, multi-dimensional application of the Solar-Cube for Outdoors, Fashion, Rural Development, Disaster-Crisis Response, Satellites and more.

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