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Lobster IT

Lobster is a marketplace which allows you to license and download visual content directly from social media and cloud services using a smart AI search System.

What is the problem you are solving?
Lobster helps to bridge the gap between 2 billion social media users and the creative media industry. Currently, there is a lack of authenticity in stock photography, copyright and IP infringement regarding social media visual content is very present and good photographies get lost once posted on social media or archived in the cloud. Moreover, user-generated content is increasingly hard to find, curate and license manually from the contributors.

What is unique about your solution?
Each and every day, billions of images and videos are being created which are more authentic than stock photography. But it’s time-consuming to find and source something that perfectly fits your brand, media campaign or story. Lobster was created to do the heavy lifting for you.Lobster is a marketplace to find and instantly license live images and videos on social media. Using pioneering AI-technology, it trawls through all of the main social networks (Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Vk, YouTube), along with several of the largest cloud storage providers.
In times when a huge amount of content is produced every day by individuals all over the world and when the contributors to this large database are not rewarded, Lobster saves the day. Lobster is the world's largest and smartest, AI based, marketplace where contributors share their visual content for brands, agencies and the media to license it directly from contributors.