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LineUpr is simplest and fastest do it yourself tool to create a mobile event app for your conference, festival or any other kind of event.

Only very few events are using event apps because existing solutions are complex, time consuming and need a big budget. The problem is that 90 percent of all events have less than 200 attendees and therefore not the resources and the budget to create an app with a very short lifetime for every single event. Event organizers do not have an easy to use and affordable solution to digitize the communication during an event through smartphones and will stay with paper solutions even though mobile solutions make totally sense and are way more flexible.

With LineUpr event organizers can create event apps by themselves without needing any technological knowledge. Instead of communicating with agencies or app developers they can create a ready to use app in very short time. They just go to, create an account, enter their event content and get an event URL that they send to their attendees via email, social media or QR codes. With LineUpr event apps will become the standard for communication during every event.

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