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LexaTexer – next generation predictive analytics

LexaTexer offers predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information (such as documents, email, maintenance and health records) with machine learning technology.

What is the problem you are solving?
An estimated 90% of information is hidden in unstructured data such as text memos, documents, emails, maintenance records, phone transcripts. Additionally, the amount of information keeps growing and the number of smart individuals to analyze this data won’t keep pace with the growth in quantity and quality of data. In the past, deriving actionable knowledge was based on highly trained specialists evaluating and making sense of data often combined with ”tribal knowledge”. In the future knowledge will be derived based on automated analysis of structured and unstructured information. LexaTexer understands unstructured sources and turns that information into actionable knowledge. 

What is unique about your solution?
Unlike general purpose analytics platforms delivered by SAS, IBM or SAP, LexaTexer focuses on providing industry specific solutions with deep domain specific knowledge. We provide actionable knowledge rather than uninterpreted information. We provide access to text based (unstructured) information in addition to structured data such as sensor readings. LexaTexer integrates text understanding and structured data sources like sensor readings. We have built industry specific domain knowledge into our products for logistics, intelligence and healthcare. In intelligence, we build on knowledge from the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation, in Logistics from Deutsche Bahn and Siemens. 

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