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LeafTech- Smart shading for smarter buildings

LeafTech develops virtual solar sensors for shading system control, which replace physical sensors with an area wide, cheaper solution of advanced precision.

What is the problem you are solving?
Shading automation today uses physical solar sensors which measure on a small spot. This little piece of data is used to control several shading systems. As shading and the current solar radiation are heavily influenced by the surrounding infrastructure this leads to a problem.
Every window is unique regarding its shading requirements and should receive its own sensor. But economic and aesthetic constraints lead to an inadequate amount of sensors.
With LeafTech’s virtual sensors there is no more need to compromise: We provide shading systems with the data they need to react at maximum precision. With our web based virtual sensors, physical sensors on the façade are replaced by a software model of advanced precision.
Due to the low price, advanced quality and no installation or maintenance costs you will be able to afford as many sensors as you need to maximize your energy efficiency and user comfort.

What is unique about your solution?
LeafTech is the first company to merge all the information regarding the examined facade element or window including near shading influences such as balconies, the surrounding buildings and the current weather conditions into an API.
Using the raw data we calculate the current conditions on the facade in real time and forward the results to building automation and shading systems via Web service.
In comparison to available hardware sensors our API-based sensors are much more sophisticated and way more precise. This brings the maximum out of building and shading automation while increasing customer comfort and energy efficiency.
Until now we did not find any comparable solution to this problem.
You could put it like this: “LeafTech’s virtual sensors are as unique as the windows we develop them for.”

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