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JobUFO enables young applicants between 14-25 years to record a short video with a maximum of 30 seconds for application instead of writing motivational letters and give a real first impression on themselves.

What is the problem you are solving?
Companies have the challenge that they search for young people and have to decide if someone fits based on the motivational letter. 

The motivational letters are often google inspired, written by a 3rd party and don't provide the necessary information a company needs. This is why most of the companies love CV, certificates and pictures on which they can decide who gets invited to an interview. 

Young people on the other hand use the medium video every day (Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube) and aren't very good in writing long texts. It also is a real pain to write those texts on a smartphone and more and more young people don't have a computer, but everyone has a smartphone. A smartphone is perfect to use it for video recording.

What is unique about your solution?
JobUFO uses video in all the steps of application:

1. In job information we provide videos and even 360° videos in job ads so an applicant get a real impression on how the company really looks like and what actual apprentices say
2. Our video applications are free without interview questions, because we believe that a motivational video must be free chosen of content.
3. We concentrate on young people who search for jobs and therefore give them an app which has a look & feel from apps they use every day.
4. We integrate the video applications in existing HR-systems so that bigger companies don't have to use another software.

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