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IPlytics develops a market intelligence tool to analyze technology trends and market competition.

What is the problem you are solving?
IPlytics solution adds value in a scenario in which technology management teams are historically short-staffed and have budgetary limits in gaining access to multiple databases for their analyses and strategic conclusions on technology trends. Such teams can leverage the power of an integrated, intelligent interface and base IPlytics Platform's recommendations on efficient searching and analysis capabilities.

What is unique about your solution?
IPlytics intelligent data linking is based on a sophisticated machine learning algorithm which can process and cluster billions of data points that exhibit semantic meanings.IPlytics is not about big data science, but about big data intelligence. While data science solutions collect information in structured databases to display maps, curves or bar charts IPlytics pieces together information from patents, scientific papers or news articles to build an ensemble of information that helps understanding the cause of trends and market developments. The IPlytics interface easily allows to pivot between different data sets and projections of the information, allowing to explore data to uncover questions users didn’t even know existed. 

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