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Interactions LLC

Interactions was founded with the belief that we could combine technology and human intelligence to improve the way businesses and their customers communicate. To us, that meant helping people have natural, open conversations with the brands they trust – when, how and where they want.

What is the problem you are solving?
Most brands cannot afford to staff a CallCenter with experts knowing every answer customers might ask. Typically customers see service in those CallCenters as poor and they wait endless in queues, only to hear that they have to call someone else.
To solve this, the industry developed Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) with speech recognition, so that a computer can answer the caller faster and better. Unfortunately IVR's only have an accuracy rate in Speechrecognition of 80%. That means from 80 words, 20 aren't detected. That makes a normal conversation impossible.
Our system has an accuracy of typically 99,5%, by that you can talk with this system, as if it was a human being. Supported by Artificial Intelligence, this guarantees that customers get things done quicker and companies provide better service at lower cost. Therefore this isn't an IVR, it's a conversational Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

What is unique about your solution?
We have the only solution that combines Artificial and Human Intelligence for perfect speech recognition. We call this Human Adaptive Understanding.
With classical solutions, if the speech recognition engine does not understand the callers input, they ask the caller to repeat this.
We are able to decide in real-time, if the input should be recognized by our speech recognition engine or by a human. The software can detect simple phrases. Complex, long input and sentences can be recognized by a Human. Independent how we recognize the input, after that the computer keeps on driving the conversation. You can talk to our computer like to a Human Being.

Success Based Pricing:
Our customers only pay some cents per successfully handled transaction. Unsuccessful transactions are free of charge. That guarantees our customers that the system will work to their satisfaction, we can only do this because we know it works.

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