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immmr GmbH

immmr is a voice and video communication service that aims to bring back voice calling to everyone's life by making it as easy, hassle-free and accessible as possible.

What is the problem you are solving?
immmr offers voice- and video communication on any device – even without mobile coverage, and with anyone – even if they are not on immmr. 

What is unique about your solution?

  • immmrBoost - Unleashing the mobile number from your phone and SIM card and offering mobile telephony from any connected device - Automatically utilizing the best available network 
  • One phone, multiple numbers – even from foreign countries - Make and receive calls with additional numbers
  • Video calls in best video quality - with up to 8 friends in group video call - Switching seamlessly between voice and video calls
  • immmrOpen - Connect with anyone – even if they’re not on immmr - Simply share your secure personal immmrID as web link – and anyone can connect with you without registration.

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