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IMANOX provides extraordinary brand communication with it´s automated photosystem

What is the problem you are solving?
Events organizers and amusement activities often struggle to connect their offline and online brand communication. They usually end up in handing some branded biros or flyers to their guests as give aways and asking to visit their website. Seriously, neither the brand experience nor the give away it self will lead guests to brand interaction in the future.

What is unique about your solution?
Our first product is IMANOX, a photo system designed to immerse the users in a virtual background scenery of our customer.
Within the photo process they can interact with the scenery in real time and experience the stunning realism created by
This photosynthesis of people and background imagery is now ready to be captured, shared and taken home. calculates the optimal position and size of your customers to blend in naturally with the background.
While taking photographs, our breakthrough Adaptive Lighting Bridges project the mood from the background picture onto the users. For each individual photo, the light surroundings are perfectly set.
The result will be the most individual memory to be given to the users with the brand of our customer included.

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