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IDEE uses the same technology that runs blockchain to completely replace passwords and provide strong authentication via a smartphone, which a) is convenient because users no longer have to remember passwords, and b) less risky for the companies because there is no central storage of credentials that can be hacked.

What is the problem you are solving?
In 2016, 1.4 billion credentials were compromised from 1,792 data breaches. The most widely used authentication factor, passwords, is also the most exploited. With IDEE’s technology, passwords do not exist, and therefore, they cannot be stolen or exploited.
IDEE provides strong authentication, one-click convenient access, and complete privacy in one solution, without the use of passwords or tokens. Additionally, we use our patented continuous authentication technology to future proof against new hacking approaches not yet observed. Therefore unlike, one-time authentication, which only authenticates the user once, we continuously authenticate the user, which prevents breaches. Continuous authentication is immune to quantum computing attacks.

What is unique about your solution?
Patents: We filed two patents (Patents: PCT/IB2016/001722 & IB2016/001719). Continuous authentication defends against state-sponsored quantum computing based cyber attacks.
PKI: IDEE enables the distribution and effortless management of PKI (public-key infrastructure), which adds, transaction authorization, workflow approval, digital signing, secure IoT, and blockchain identification capabilities.
Experience: The founder and team bring vast experience in the field of Cyber Security to the table. Al Lakhani successfully founded and lead the cyber security practice of a large crisis management consulting firm for 12 years.
No passwords: Users do not have to enter any passwords, tokens, or PINs. IDEE offers One-Click-Convenience.
Cross industry: Our technology can be applied across all industries for all users who use a handheld. This creates an enormous market potential: 2.7 bln. handhelds worldwide.
Exceed regulations: IDEE exceeds the demands of GDPR for two-factor authentication.
Highest security level: IDEE offers military grade security with its own hardware JUNO.

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