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Housy GmbH

Housy turns the current search process for apartments on its head, that's because on this marketplace the tenant isn't searching for the right apartment but the landlord search for the right tenant.

What is the problem you are solving?
PEOPLE ON THE APARTMENT HUNT KNOW THE PAIN: Even though existing listing platforms are the main source for vacant properties the process hasn't changed since the age of newspaper ads. The hunt for apartments is still labor-intensive and time-consuming. Unfiltered applications lead to mass visits and frustration in finding accommodation. 

FOR THE LANDLORD THE CURRENT PROCESS OF LETTING A PROPERTY IS ALSO EXPENSIVE AND TIME-CONSUMING. Right now Landlords receive hundreds of unfiltered applications from potential candidates. Lots of them are not matching their criteria and they have to sort them manually. Landlords receive incomplete documents from their candidates. Sometimes with wrong or even faked personal details. Due to he currently slow and inefficient process of finding a suitable tenant there is an unnecessary and long vacancy.

What is unique about your solution?
We brings tenants and landlords in a new and efficient way together. No broker needed. Easy, efficient and safe. Finding the right apartment has never being easier. 

The landlord finds exactly the right tenant to its object. He can send his exposés directly to potential tenants, can set up viewing appointments and can obtain all required forms and documents by the applicants online.

On the other side, the tenants just has to create his personal profile and receives tailored apartments based on his search criterias. Our Neighborhood-Matching combines personal criteria and official databanks to suggest the neighborhood which is best suited and matches the tenant’s lifestyle.
After the match, the tenant can contact the landlord directly and apply with just one click on the desired object without a broker.