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growney GmbH

What is the problem you are solving?
B2C - growney’s approach is to provide an alternative to traditional bank consultancy. Three years ago no independent financial service provider offered consultation which was easy to understand, without any conflict of interest and cost-effective. That´s why Gerald Klein founded growney with the objective of filling this gap. Growney recommends products without distribution fees or kick-backs. The economies of scale which result from the electronic consulting will be given to the customers in form of low prices.
B2B – As traditional banks have to respond on increasing digitalization, growney started to develop a product which enables them to keep pace with attractive offers of FinTech StartUps. According to the idea of "Software as a Service" growney offers its idea in form of a white label product especially for midsized banks.
B2B2C – Since 2017 growney enables companies to offer our product to their employees in various forms.

What is unique about your solution?
Concerning the growney platform in general we share some of the advantages with other competitors. The fact, that growney is the best Robo-Advisor results from the unique combination of the following advantages: save, simple, transparent, flexible and cost-effective. This is confirmed by our performance, our achievements (e.g. the Finanztip recommendation list) as well as the feedback of our customers.
Moreover, the B2B approach is characterized by increasing the customer benefit while offering banks the possibility to integrate their philosophy in our technology. The cooperating bank benefits from using our white label product in its legal framework.
The B2B2C pension product stands out with its high level of flexibility as well as its optimal legal and fiscal structure. Because of our intense and longtime collaboration with official pension consultants, we offer a simple and strong product in a complicated, challenging market.

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