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get in GmbH

We build reverse talent marketplaces for graduates: employers apply to graduating students to fill entry-level positions. Our multi-vertical approach enables „get in“ to meet each group´s specific demands. We have chosen the most attractive graduate segments: IT ( and Engineering (

What is the problem you are solving?
Currently, there is a very high inefficiency in the matching of graduates with their prospective employers.

Though graduates in subjects like Computer Science or Engineering are highly sought after, they do not know about their true employment options. Naturally, they know about employers like IBM or Microsoft but they lack a full market overview. Moreover, they often feel uncomfortable about the application process. "get in" provides a full market overview in each of the respective verticals and organizes an effective matching with a reverse application process. Employers apply to candidates.

We already have more than 100 paying customers. Our revenues are subscription-based (employers pay for access to talent pool, employer branding).

What is unique about your solution?
1) Multi-Vertical Approach:

  • For each vertical we build a separate reverse marketplace (based on a common tech platform)
  • unique content and specific tonality

2) Most relevant

  • #1 marketplace in IT (1/3 of all graduates in Germany)
  • complete market overview (all employers, all jobs)

3) Highest Response Rates

  • strong dynamics: sophisticated search and matching technology > fitting requests (no spam) by diverse and interesting companies (no recruiting agencies) > candidate response rates of 60%-70%


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