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Fresh Energy

Fresh Energy is the first digital electricity provider that is eco-friendly, low-cost, and data-driven. Fresh Energy generates unparalleled insights based on smart meter data with highest security in such a way that the customer benefits and has always control over his/her data.

What is the problem you are solving?
With Fresh, consumers have instant feedback on their energy consumption and Fresh offers also tips and tricks, how to reduce the energy consumption. Besides generic tips, Fresh technology makes it possible to identify individual „power guzzler“ and suggest ways to avoid or reduce energy consumption. This helps the individual cash balance as well as the environment.

What is unique about your solution?
For consumers, Fresh offers the first purely digital and data-driven electricity supply contract that is eco-friendly and low-cost. Fresh supplies free of charge smart meters, which enable Fresh to offer its customers unparalleled transparency about their „live“ electricity consumption and derive insights that help our users to understand their energy consumption for the first time – and act on it. With Fresh, advance payments are a forgotten thing of the past. Instead, Fresh reinvents billing and customers only pay for the energy that they actually use on a monthly basis. The energy bill clearly list how much energy and money was consumed by certain household appliances on a daily or monthly basis. With Fresh‘s powerful tips for device- and household specific energy savings, customers can lower their electricity bills and save energy for a better planet.

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