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fino digital GmbH

Software solutions that simplify bank account processes and meet today's challenges of digitalization.

What is the problem you are solving?
fino is the pioneer in digital switching services for banks. As the first provider of a digital account switch solution, fino has solved a big problem for banks. The account switch is digital and runs off paperless. The organizational effort for the transfer of direct debit mandates, standing orders and account terminations is minimized considerably. Instead of researching and informing all payment partners such as utilities, telephone service providers or landlords, the fino account switch service takes care of it automatically with a few clicks. Our other switching products, such as the credit card and deposit switch, follow the same principles.

What is unique about your solution?
The products are developed in close collaboration with fino's customers. Many ideas are implemented as new features or whole products. At fino we are working in a flat hierachy.

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