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Evertracker gives movable objects a voice to revolutionize processes.

What is the problem you are solving?
Today, logistics processes aren't transparent. Receivers and senders are still depend on logistics service providers. At the same time the demand for flexible services and reliability are increasing whereas the margin in logistics is constantly decreasing. Logistics processes are complex and an end-to-end visibility and full process automation is still not available today. Furthermore, as the demand and expectations are increasing, the needed service level needs to be scaled exponentially. 

What is unique about your solution?
Evertracker is where Internet of Things meets Machine Learning und Artificial Intelligence. We're the only company and solution provider that can make supply chains fully transparent, independently from partners and complex IT infrastructures, thanks to our own portable devices and IoT platform. We're the only company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and automate events along the entire supply chain. Evertracker is providing a solution that revolutionizes logistics processes as our clients can get control over them when they never had the chance before. This makes us unique.